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PM me in the next 30 minutes, and I'll ship it tonight, for free. PM first, and then post here so I don't have to follow-up and say it's already taken.


In the box, new all that jazz...


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Dang it....!



Hah, sorry... if I find more stuff, I'll post it, but I'm pretty much getting near the end of stuff that's free or blow-out. Maybe in another year or so if I decide to blow out my 7800 games.

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pm sent




Dude... guess what was in my mailbox this afternoon?


The box I shipped you.



LITERALLY, the font for your address... not only was it in hte proper section (the only section), but it's 100 times larger than the font of my return sticker (the little free ones you get from Wounded Warrior). The digital code is actually metered for your address... HOW in God's name, they decided that it was supposed to be shipped to my house (less than a mile away), is beyond me. Completely absurd.


So I took it back and asked htem, and the guy was like... "Sorry... this is emberassing."



So, you should get it like a day later. I mean, I know shipping was free anyway... but still... thought you'd want to know. I just don't get how they could have screwed that up.

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