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Scraper Caper w/ Bounty Bob ("Fire Fighter" hack)

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In Miner 2049er you helped the legendary mountie, Bounty Bob, track the villainous Yukon Yohan through an abandoned uranium mine - all six levels (in volume 1 & Volume 2) - grabbing buried treasure and avoiding deadly radioactive mutants along the way.


Well, that was only the beginning!


Yukon Yohan has escaped to the city and Bounty Bob is after him!

Only this time Bob has taken a job as a fireman to stop Yukon Yohan's current crime wave of arsony While Yukon maniacally laughs above the level of the building he has torched, Bounty Bob must somehow reach Yukon quickly before more of the building is lost.




Scraper Caper R01.bin


(For the best challenge, select level 9 to stop Yukon from torching a city block!! ]




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Some behind the scenes of the creation of this fan hack. Just want to say to Big Five Software : Thanks for Bounty Bob, a long time favorite gaming character from my childhood. :D Played many hours of Miner 2049er on the Atari 800.


So this picture should explain a little bit of what went into turning a random panicked man into Yukon Yohan, the villain we heard so much about but never saw in a game. I figured it was time to change that.



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