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FS: Atari 5200 Gold Joysticks, 5200 Box, RF, AC, Boxed Games, More!

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Lots of pics ahead.


Hello, everyone!


I am parting out my Atari 5200. The audio circuit is toast, and the cost of another board is more than I want to invest in it. Also, I want to put some 5200 parts out there that might be needed by fellow collectors waiting for them.


I have a number of 5200 parts for sale, and they are all working 100%. All prices include shipping to the US 48 contiguous states. I accept PayPal or local pickup. Here we go!


SOLD (2) Atari 5200 CX52 Gold Rebuilt Joysticks. I personally ordered the gold kits from Best at about $50 each with the shipping. I personally rebuilt and tested the joysticks. They have about three plays each on them from testing. As Best says, they should be lifetime joysticks. I can sell them as a pair shipped together or individually. $79 shipped individually, $150 shipped together if bought by the same person.


(1) Atari 5200 Power Supply. Works 100%. $25 shipped.


(1) Atari 5200 RF Adapter. Works 100%. $25 shipped.


SOLD (1) Atari controller storage door. The plastic door at the back of the unit that always gets broken or someone already lost. This one has been polished up nicely and has only a few scuffs left here and there. Bottom hinge points are intact. $25 shipped.


(1) RF Metal Shield. Shiny and complete. $10


(1) Atari 5200 Box. It’s complete and all sides are present. I’d guess it had styro when new, but empty currently. If you’re looking for one, and don’t have one yet, you can do much worse than this one. I’ve displayed it in my collection and thought it looked good. Most boxes seem to go around $80 on eBay. I can do $40.


Games, games, games! Priced as marked, includes shipping to con US 48. All are tested and working.


Boxed Games


All five are complete boxes. They all have tab wear where they are opened and closed, but the bottoms are great. See pics for more detailed look at them.


(1) Super Breakout – includes box, cart, overlays. $7

(1) Centipede – includes box, cart, manual, and overlays. $7

(1) Missile Command – includes box, cart, and overlays. $7

(1) Pac-Man – includes box, cart, and overlays. $7

(1) Pole Position – includes box, cart, and manual. $7


Loose Games


(1) Centipede $4

(1) Pac-Man $4

(1) Missile Command $4

(1) Football $4

(1) Galaxian $4

(1) Star Raiders $4

(1) Pac-Man $4

(1) Star Raiders $4

(1) Super Breakout $4

(1) Galaxian $4

(1) Pac-Man $4

(1) Galaxian $4

(1) Super Breakout $4

(1) Dig Dug $4


That’s the list! If you see something you’d like, but don’t like the price, make me an offer. I’m flexible. It’s more important to me to get this stuff out to the Atari community than to try to make big bucks. Also, adding pictures over the next few minutes as the forum allows.


Thanks, everyone!


- Blaine


Pics of first joystick:







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Boxed Pac-Man and cartridge storage door. Took flash photos of it to try to show scratches.


One last thing: looking to fund a McWill upgrade for my Lynx II. Do you get the feeling the funds from this might be going to another forum member if he's up to the task?


Thanks again for looking! Drop me a line with questions or offers.


- Blaine







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That controller cover is very tempting I must say...


And I can highly recommend the McWill LCD upgrade to your LynxII. Wasn't too bad to do really when I did mine. But I do advise that a full recap of the Lynx as well as the power mosfet and diode get replaced as well when the time comes to have it modded.

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Joysticks and controller storage door sold. All else is still up for grabs! Feel free to make offers, I'm flexible. I really want this stuff to go to collectors that want/need it as part of their collections.



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