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Help needed to repair an Atari 7800

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Hi at all!


I've got an Atari 7800 that was untested, then now i'm trying to make it work. I've build a custom power adapter since the original ones are difficult to find.

After that i've opened the console and checked the interior. It was never been opened, and is in really good condition inside. I've replaced the capacitors, and now it power up but is showing a black screen. I've tried it with some atari 2600 cartridges and the result is always the same. I've also replaced the reset button since i've read that sometimes it could be stuck, but no result. What can i check to investigate where could be the problem? The alimentation is ok, the voltage regulator show the correct values, and the console power on normally, but what i can see is only a solid black screen, or sometimes a scrolling black screen or black screen with bad noise.


Thanks and regards!


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