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Arabian Market Intv III System!?!

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Jason Groves (UK) from the Intellivision Invasion Group in Facebook posted these pictures of an Intv III released by Ecico Electronics made for the Arabian market.


Per the comments it was listed in the UK back in 2013... what a find for whoever got it! CMART, maybe a new quest assuming you don't have it?





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Quick search on Ecico Electronics:

They made some cartridges and/or tapes for the Mattel Aquarius

They existed from about 1985 to 1993.

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awesome, another very coll item I'd really like to have


I wonder if Ecico Electronics released a special edition of Burgertime, with chicken sausages as the baddies

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Sweet mother of all that is holy! 😂 That is straight up awesome and just shot to the top of my wish list. 😍

I would throw many monies at one of those in an auction.

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Too bad the keypads aren't in arabic.

Is it secam or pal?

Do they have the instructions?

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No, I just meant I liked your comment.


I should have said including zero!





Even if the so called Arabic numbers are originally from India.


But interesting to see a INTV III with 220V/50Hz. Is it even a PAL system?

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Does not appear to have a Tutor Pro board inside. The traces are curvy rather than straight/angular and the traces are in the wrong place.


Odds that it was also a Tutor Pro was astronomically small but just existing in Arabic is incredible.


If this is the only known Arabic system, it is currently -more- rare than the Tutorvision systems or the Tutor Pros.



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I thought those were cobwebs rather than traces. To me, looking through the vent, the dark area at the bottom is the exec chip rather than the big capacitor and the dark area near the upper vent is the heat sinks on the stic and system ram. Plus, since this thing has to be secam or pal, it's unlikely to be a tutorvision.

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what would we do without the zero?




it's really an interesting item.


but what is so aesthetic?

the arabic labelling?


hmm... i know my ex hated me for such (for those who didn't know it i was married to a muslima)






do that whith arabic letters it won't work, it won't work with any else as latin.

the latin letters are the most advanced ones, artificially created with the goal to be always readable and easy to reproduce.

remove one of those shitty dots in arabic and it means something different.

persian might be the oldest letters, but well even this isn't true (i will be murdered now)

american natives had a way to preserve musical notes with a system of knots in laces, it's systematic, reproducable and understandable, it's in fact far older as persian letters but they are no hyroglyphs no icons or symbols, it's systematic thus they are letters.


besides to be "the oldest" isn't a predicate, to be the most advanced is one.

the stream of time leads to the future and not to the past.


weird as i am i feel the latin letters are far more aesthetic.

i don't like to much decoration, even this tells me something about the character behind, because if you do right you won't need to decorate it.


a line, a single curve can be much more aesthetic as.


the perfection of aesthetic is in nature and she didn't wastes power for decorating, it's useless.

useles like those typical maghrib style windows or doors which lead to nowhere but are heavy decorated.

something "nice" but it leads to nowhere.


i stay with old archimedes, the perfection of aestetic is the simplicity of the sphere.


my ex did nice things in arabic, you know this typical decorated letter stuff, but she can't do what i can do with the latin letters, i can deform them, invert them, do almost what i like with them and it never changes the sense.


t w't vn m tter ifi le av ot som ad o cose nt fi mss ast upd sngl dt


?ti tog


that's really advanced, far ahead of it's time in fact.


my recent avatar (but i chose it bofore i wrote this) has a writing in it (ok it's to small to be read, so here it is):



it's readable even if it doesn't looks like


pardonnez moi if i love them so much.

they are graphically much more interesting as the already decorated arabic "letters" (which i even can't see as true letters, hard to do lettering with them).


me (weirdo) will never understand what is so special about arabic, japanese or chinese or what the heck else ever.

not only for letters we have to offer more.


and now lynch me!



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The Arabic transcription for the name INTELLIVISION should appear as




and transliterated as ʾINTELLĪVĪZHON, with true letters for both the <V> and <ZH> (namely, the vav and zheʾ—a 3-dotted <W> and a 3-dotted <Z>, respectively).


The transcription on the actual game console box appears slightly incorrect, by using the letters faʾ and jim instead.


Does Ecico Electronics publish any INTV games localized into Arabic and/or Hebrew?!?! Do they also produce their own ECS and iVoice modules?!?!

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