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libcvu update

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Today, I have released libcvu 0.17 (http://www.colecovision.eu/ColecoVision/development/libcv.shtml).


* Minor efficiency improvement in cvu_get_sprite_x().
* Fix behaviour of cvu_get_sprite_y() for sprites off the upper edge of the screen.
* Fix cvu_memcpy_compression() return value.
* Fixed incorrect use of restrict on function pointer in cvu_init_huffman(), cvu_init_rle() and cvu_init_lzk().


The last fix was the main motivation, to ensure that the current libcv/libcvu works well with current SDCC.




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Please update your installation manual.


Or just a script.

Do I just unarc this directly into SDCC?

The last C environment was Turbo C many years ago and I am only used to modern Visual Studio.


What goes where is my biggest setback.

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PkK, thanks for your libs. I would like to use them. I use a Windows OS environment only and I installed SDCC and Code::Blocks.


I created a project and the following stuff were imported in the projetct:

- libcv .h and .c files;

- libcvu .h and.c files;

- cursor .c files.


Compilation errors indicate that information included in .s files are missing, but if I include them in the project, "error 119: don't know what to do with file 'libcv\src\XXXXX.s'. file extension unsupported" is written for every .s file. I spent some time to try to understand what shall be done, but I did not find what is wrong…


Does someone would know what I have missed?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Try putting the libcv.h and libcvu.h in the Program files>SDCC>include folder. I only used comp.h, coleco.h and getput1.h and I put them in this folder that came with the newcoleco homebrew kit and compiles my projects. Not sure if putting these, libcv.h and libcvu.h, in the folder will let you compile the project using these libraries since I haven't use these libraries.

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May have updated some include files but the libraries that need to be linked are nowhere to be found with this update.

Finally got things working and with the new SDCC.
Had to compile from at least 1 directory in the root of z80 which has to be in the root of the C: directory.

This is what I mean by using 10 year old DOS based technology instead of updating to a new IDE.

sure I complain a lot but do you listen if I don't.

So now I have the ability to program in ASM and C but not with this update. Have to use the older includes and libraries.

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