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Bootscreen utility for 5.25 disks... Anyone remember this?

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Back in the day I had a pretty spiffy utility for putting bootsceens on 5.25 floppies running Dos 3.3


I don't remember the name of the utility. Anyone remember this? I'd like to use it again and release a few lost games.


I remember also that you could do some animated fields (scrolling and such) on the hires bootscreen. They also booted extremely fast. Seemed to aimed at the pirate community.

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Thank you! Ya... that's it. Pirates Signature.


And I also remember Beautiful Boot. I made a bunch of my own disks with this with Copy II Plus... I started with one original disk. Really cool.


Thanks again. There's also "Advance Pirates signature" on Asimov, but haven't tried it. Seeing the original after 30 years tho was a real blast tonight. Wow!

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