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4K VCS/2600 Programming Competition

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I am going to sponsor an Atari 2600 game development competition!

I will make a limited run of cartridges. The best three entries will be included in the limited run of cartridges as a multi-cart.

The development time will be six months. The competition will begin on 1 November 2018 at midnight in your timezone, and end on 30 April 2019 at midnight in your timezone.

The theme and genre of the game is completely open! It can be anything!

You may submit a game you have previously started. Use this opportunity to finish your game!

Entries must be 4KB (4096 bytes) in size when compiled!


- A standard binary that is executable by the Stella Emulator.

- Entries can be either in Assembly or batari BASIC

- The source code must be made freely available.

- Some brief instructions about how to play the game.

- Instructions made freely available about how to compile the source code.

- The source code

- Borrowed from the IntyBASIC contest: As part of the validation process, each entry's source code will be built using its instructions and the final binary produced must match the submitted binary image 100%. Any entry that fails this criteria will not be judged.

- I encourage you to start a thread discussing your competition entry, where you post photos of your WIP, WIP ROMs and source code, and provide other information about your entry.

- You may co-author entries with people. That means more than one person can be an author to a game entry.

Your entry must be submitted to [email protected]


The panel of judges is as follows:

- vidak (myself)

Anyone who wants to be a judge can become one!

I /will/ permit judges to enter the contest, but they cannot score their own game entries. Anyone is allowed to give technical assistance


The criteria upon which 4K VCS ASM entries will be assessed are:

Originality (1 to 10) - Is the game based on a new idea or a twist on an established design?

Concept (1 to 10) -The ''audacity'' of the game, how impressive the general idea of the game is.

Presentation (1 to 10)

Gameplay (1 to 10) - A measure of how enjoyable the game is to play.

Replay Value (1 to 10)

When the panel has scored each game accordingly, the totals for each criteria will be added together for each game to give it a final score.

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