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Button caps for TG-syle joystick?

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I just got a "Super Game Stick" on eBay...that came sans the red fire button caps. :roll:


It came from Venezuela so I'd just as soon not screw around trying to haggle with the seller (mi espanol no es bueno), and figure I can just replace them myself.


The button caps look like the same type used on the TG Products joysticks (of which the entire controller seems to be a clone). Anybody know of a suitable replacement?





As a side note, I have been able to find exactly zero information on the "Super Game Stick." :lol: No markings to be found anywhere (aside from the label on the face, which isn't especially helpful), and opening it up wasn't any more revealing. Who made it, where/when it was made and sold...no idea. All I can tell is that it's essentially a [very nice] copy of the TG joystick--the joystick is crisp and the buttons have a surprisingly beefy clicky action, which a lot of people would probably find obnoxious, but I dig it. :-D

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