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Songbird presents Loopz for the Atari Jaguar

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Pre-orders are live on the Songbird website! Also be sure to check out limited quantities of other games in stock, including the Telegames Lynx releases and 1999 Protector (only 4 copies left!). Plus new lower pricing on Iron Soldier 2 CD and World Tour Racing CD.


My order is in! Thanks for the heads up on Iron Soldier 2 as well. I have had the cart version for awhile, so never felt the need to buy the CD version, but the new lower pricing convinced me otherwise. :)

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Now this is fun to see:




But for the rest of you, this may be more fun to see: :D




I'll keep shipping orders all weekend and should be caught up in a couple days. Can't wait to hear some feedback on LOOPZ! :)

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Been playing it for a while now.

I think I'm getting to grips with it. Very addictive and good fun!


Many thanks to all involved in this production :)



Good grief! I was about to post my high score then saw that :lolblue:

Mine pales in comparison :mad:


This guy here is good but I can't think that fast :P



Excellent, addictive game!

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Got my double lynx and jag loopz package, thanks Carl! Just a heads up to Brits, you'll get stung £14 or so customs fee.

I got Loopz and Protector through today (UK) and had no tax to pay. Win win.6f3dc77800eb73e2b341ef52e8499db1.jpg


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