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Pi1541 - ORB & Case Designs by COREi64

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Thought I'd share some information on work that I've been doing related to the Pi1541.

The first thing I did was develop an add-on board for the (what appears to be the most common board around) Pi1541io board (https://www.hackup.net/2018/07/pi1541io-revision-4/) that re-locates the OLED, giving the owner three different options for relocation.

I designed this board to ultimately allow people that have built their own or purchased the assembled board from someone else to exactly re-locate the OLED from it's default location to two defined areas above the hat. This allows me to design a case that will work with ANYONE's assembled Pi1541io board. Esssentially it takes OLED placement variations out of the equation.

sm_IMG_6265.jpg sm_IMG_6268.jpg

Further, the idea for me was to allow for two different orientations (horizontal or vertical)... as such, I created two different locations with three possible placement options.

The first image shows the OLED perched on the board at an angle. There is a notch in the board that the base of the OLED rests in when in this configuration. It's designed to angle the OLED towards the user when the unit is facing lengthwise. It can be install angled or flat at this location. The other location point offsets the OLED above the 7406 and speaker, away from the reset switch.

sm_IMG_6281.jpg sm_IMG_6284.jpg

When the OLED is installed in it's default location, the OLED conceals the reset switch, and as such is impossible to design a case for while still providing access to the switch. I designed and produced this board to allow me to design a case and eliminate this issue.

I'm not planning on releasing the gerber for this, as I designed this to allow me to design a case that will fit anyones Pi1541io board regardless of whether they get it from me, build it themselves or buy it off someone else on ebay. Each case, based on the design locations will come with one of these boards.

I just got these boards delivered a couple days ago, so I don't have a case design yet...

I have however just completed another style of case for the Pi1541io board.

Here it is before I had designed a stand for it:

The case is finished, and my first one is assembled and tested. Works great. The lid has the LED's embedded, left is power, right is activity.


And here it is complete with the finished stand.

IMG_6311.jpg IMG_6316.jpg IMG_6321.jpg


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Thanks for the comment.


I'll soon be releasing a case for the non-oled set.


Will post photos here when I do.




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I've come up with a new design for my Pi1541 utilizing the OLED relocation board I came up with a while back.

The OLED relocation board plugs into the main board and is easily removed if needed. It is securely held in place on the main board with a 3D printed mount utilizing heatsets and black oxide screws.

Here's a photo of what the board looks like.


I have boards in various colors available as well... Here's a photo of some of the colors:


The case design I've come up is as follows:




And here's what an assembled grey unit looks like:




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