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Is there a trainer (infinite lives) ROM for defender 2 or defender arcade ?

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Not difficult to make one using Stella. By watching what happens with RAM when you die, you can see that the lives counter is stored in $82. Issuing the command trapwrite 82 lets you find where it's decreased.


Clicking on C6 82 then typing in EA EA will replace the dec ram_82 with a couple of NOP instructions, which don't do anything but waste time.


Lastly typing saverom will save the modified ROM. On my Mac it was saved to the desktop.


Defender 2 Unlimited Lives.a26

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Alternatively, add cheatcode '8203'. This modifies RAM location $82 to always contain 3 lives. So you don't even need to save a separate ROM; the cheat will be activated automatically when you start the game.

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