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Miner 2049er - Available Today

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Waiting anxiously for my physical copy :)


I'm happy of the release as this game has been finished several months ago :grin: and also finally brought Miner 2049er to the Intellivision after 30 years, I think IMHO that it was a pretty big omision in the Intellivision library.


Of course I've made every possible effort to make the game close to the spirit of the original. BTW at some time it looked like it wasn't possible to fit some levels into the Intellivision capabilities.


Also I'm pretty proud of having worked with Curtis Mikolyski, I hope I don't bothered too much asking for redrawings of his hand notes for the new levels :)


And of course I'm glad William Moeller contacted me to do this game 3 times, the first time I refused, the second time I was almost accepting and some other programmer took the cup before me, but the third time the programmer dropped the towel and I was able to take the project. So fortuit! :)


When you work so long in a game like this one, it's almost like your baby.


The new levels:



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Received mine today - I am on vacation this week and was able to greet the mailman delivering my package at the door. Literally five minutes later that cartridge was in my Intellivision. That in itself was pretty exciting.......I felt like my 11 year-old self running into my house with a new video game I had just purchased from Toys R Us.


I must admit that I was a little skeptical about using the Inty controller for a game that requires a lot of precise movements and jumps but am happy to report that all is well with this. In fact, I'd have to say it is even better than I hoped it would be. Congrats to you guys on programming this!


After spending two hours playing it....this game is freaking sweet! (and very well worth the sore right thumb I currently have)


I look forward to seeing the additional levels and maybe even reading the instruction manual.


Thank you!

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how many Inty games are there that were originally released for a computer? There can't be many. Is this the first?


I'm far from an expert, but only going through SoulBuster's list of homebrews, I would say that BC's Quest for Tires, Boulder Dash, Hover Bovver, Miner 2049er and probably Oregon Bound all started off as computer games. If I'm correct, 3 of 5 would be published by Elektronite, and with an upcoming Defender of the Crown and other titles, they might be known as the publisher bringing computer games to the Intellivision.

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4Tris, Minehunter, Super Minefield, Oh Mummy, and arguably the Lost Caves of Kroz and Jawcrusher. Although not exactly a homebrew, there's Choplifter. And, released as a demo, Rocketeer and Grail of the Gods.

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