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_The Doctor__

Pan Handle retirement town of elder folks gone...

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Unlike many beach areas that are all big money resorts etc. Mexico Beach Florida WAS an area of more modest means and older folks.


I would like to express my sincerest sympathy and hopes that everyone can come together and help rebuild for folks. It was a small town of about 1,100 homes....


This doesn't stop here though, there were places were a storm of this nature may not have come through since the 1800's, so while it's not like this never happened before, it's wholly likely many people don't have flood insurance further in far away from what is normally an area you would expect such things in...


It's my wish and hope that we all keep positive thoughts, energy and help to these folks. If anyone can think of a way to help, to donate their time efforts or skill set to get these people back to a an acceptable life I implore you to do so.


FEMA contrary to what we dream of, is only able to help in relief efforts, clean up, and a few thousand dollars here and there. It has always been this way. While many near the ocean might have some insurance, it's still tough. An those further inland are SOL.


We a blessed that such landfall was in less densely populated areas, but this means longer times to get help, greater distances and less money... we may need people to swing a hammer, clean stuff up, wipe off memories and dry them out... who knows, we used to have army of *ssholes and elbows to rebuild quick and help each other out. So much is online today, the goods just aren't at the towns a hundred or couple hundred miles away. The distribution network is gone.


Once again I implore everyone to come up with ways to help, be it in person or indirectly. Call the powers that be and offer your suggestions. Let's not see. The safety nets should only come out when we can no longer help each other. They are after all only nets and don't have any firm or lasting strength to them.


I've made some calls, see what you can do. I used to be the person to clean up and swing a hammer, even pour some concrete, and play in the mud. Since I and others no longer can, we need people that will take up the tools and get it done. There is no power like the power from a people determined to do it right, to do for each other, and themselves. The pride, worth, and restoration to oneself and others joining in can not be had from any other method or way that I've encountered.

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