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VBXE machine types

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So machines that have a VBXE installed in them, are they more likely to be 6502 machines, or are they more likely to have Rapidus/Antonia boards. I'm guessing that almost all of them will have memory expansions, like 256K at least for XLs or 320K for the XE systems.


My guess is that they will tend to be 6502 machines, but who knows, I'm often wrong about stuff like this.

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I'm not sure very many at all have accelerated CPUs. Though that config would be a real Amiga 1200 beater, it'd not make sense to develop only for it as your customer base could fit into a telephone box.


Supposedly it can work with all the 8-bit computers though not sure how many have it in the 400/800 or 5200 console. I think candle might have done a 5200 install as a testbed.


The memory config - in theory you could run it on an 8K machine but you'd have to ask why. My initial install was on a base 64K 800XL which then had 320XL external then Ultimate 1 Meg.

VBXE has the R-suffixed core which allows the top half of it's VRam to also function as a Rambo 320 workalike, I used that initially.


For the most part just assuming 64K base Ram is sufficient to write decent software. You can run code from VRam just fine, it's just the annoyance of having to switch banking though there's 2 MEMAC types which you can use at once as well as the PORTB/RAMBO if running the R core.


You should have consideration though if assuming system RAM over 64K that you could be using the R core which shares the top half of VRAM. But it's pretty easy to test a system to determine what type of memory config it has.

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