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Games that benefit from the Pro Controller

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Having same problem. Can't sign in. Can't create an account.

ok then it isn't just me. I don;t know if I've ever actually created an account on here it seems. I have it attached to log in with my Facebook Account and then my "Uhateit" screen name pops up, but it keeps asking me to log in or create an account and not let me log-in with the Facebook thing (not even showing an option) so I can;t ad it to the cart or my wishlist. I was curious about buying one and seeing what the shipping charge is but can;t even get that far.

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On 3/19/2019 at 11:29 PM, Movement1957 said:

How much will these pro controllers cost about? Also does anyone make like a Brooks to ps3 adapter for the jag. I have one for my neo geo and my turbografx and they work great

No, the Jaguar controllers are on an isolated island for this system. No outsiders allowed! 

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