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PLATOTerm 1.0 Released for Apple II Computers!

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After many long months of testing. PLATOTerm has been officially released for the Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, and Commodore 128 systems. Thanks to all who helped test! Release page is here: https://github.com/tschak909/platoterm64/releases/tag/PLATOTerm-1.0#irataonline #plato #platoterm #atari #c64 #c128 #apple2






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Erm, in the words of our immortal politician, "please explain" Despite a lot of words and description kicking around, I don't understand what the value of this thing is to someone using a II, is it a bit like a BBS, some other kind of information system, or something else completely?



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This is a terminal emulator for accessing PLATO systems using an Apple II and a WIFI modem connected to a Super Serial card in Slot 2.


It was designed to access IRATA.ONLINE, a massive timesharing system based on PLATO.


It's much more than a BBS, but is actually a large scale timesharing system running on emulated supercomputer (Control Data CYBER 170/865) hardware, providing graphical output, with pointer interaction, as well as an extensive development environment for all of its users to make new content.


A bit about PLATO from WIKIPEDIA:



And a write-up I just submitted to Vintage is the New Old:



I am also the author of this terminal program, which is based on very portable C code, which is being ported to over two dozen different vintage computer platforms, in the hope of providing access to this service.


Any other questions, I'll be all too happy to answer them.


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