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Im thinking about buying a mega st4 on ebay

for 189 bucks.. plus shipping


what mods can i get for this.. what upgrades.. and also i need a keyboard for it.. what options do i have for that...

also it comes with a megafile 44.is there a manual for this?


also what are the specs for the mega st4

and what programs work and dont work with it..


just general questions but i am interested in what upgrades i can get for this.

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If it is the set I have seen on there, you may want to look closely at the ports on the back. They looked pushed in to me.

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There are several extensions for the internal bus, graphics cards, IDE HD adapters, even processor boards. Here's one combining flashable TOS, extra RAM and IDE (you basically need a TOS upgrade to use a hard disc). Most such upgrades will be hard to obtain by now, I assume. Compatibility-wise I can't recall anything not working on the Mega ST. I had a Mega ST2 upgraded to 4MB and ran it with internal TOS 2.06 and an IDE hard disc just lying on the motherboard for years. You'd probably want to use an IDE to CF adapter these days.


Another popular upgrade was the floppy controller and floppy to allow use of HD floppies (1,44MB). This would most probably require cutting the case (or some serious floppy modding) as the "diagonal style" floppy drives that fit into the case cutouts are probably next to impossible to get.

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