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Juan José Torres

I have Chip's Challenge Lynx pin (among others) up for trade.

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Hello everyone.


I have the following spare Lynx pins available for trade:


  • A.P.B.
  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • Blue Lightning
  • Chip's Challenge
  • Electrocop
  • Gates of Zendocon
  • Hockey
  • Ishido: The Way of the Stones
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Pac-Land
  • Paperboy
  • RoadBlasters
  • Robo-Squash
  • S.T.U.N. Runner
  • Todd's Adventures in Slime World
  • Tournament Cyberball 2072
  • Turbo Sub
  • Viking Child
  • Vindicators
  • Warbirds
  • Xenophobe
  • Zarlor Mercenary

Here is an actual picture of the pins listed above:


I'd like to trade any of these pins for the Hard Drivin' pin and the Official Atari Lynx Club pin. Don't hesitate to PM me if you have any of those two pins and wish to make a trade.


Juan José.

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On 1/13/2020 at 8:19 PM, Nibbler said:

Do you still have any of the pins?

Yes, but they are not available for trade anymore. They are part of this full set of pins that I have now available for sale: 


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