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VAST: Sparky’s Late Again!

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I don’t think being beat by over 19 million points was that bad. 
I did get tired of watching the Cap play, extra ball after extra ball after extra ball. 
My bum does hurt quite a bit. 

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Went to Duncan Donuts 🍩 in Phoenix today for yet another VAST (Valley of the Sun TI users) group meeting. Once again, 100% attendance!


Topic: The Atari 800XL. Something different because Sparky recently scammed his way into a NEW retro machine. 


Turns out my demo of Atari DOS 3 got him so excited he had to go outside to catch his breath. Note the non-compliance with Covid Mask protocols.



Loaded a few games from disk and cassette. His system appears fully operational except for the period key randomly auto-repeating. Anyone know a quick fix? We found a six inch vertical drop works.



Looks like someone doesn’t like being called out for violating the POTUS safety initiative. Jeez! 

Overall: great meeting despite the usual curmudgeonery.

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