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WTB : Temple of Apshai for HP150 + 850 Black/metal.....+++

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contact me at : rhodmac @ yahoo dot fr


i'm looking for


ATARI 850 Black metal case


Temple of Apshai for HP 150 with box (also Ricochet)


SSi titles Small & Big Boxes, only factory sealed (for Atari/ST/AMIGA/IBM/APPLE....)


Atari Learning Phone (red/grey box) http://www.rhod.fr/seek/learning.jpg


Atari Learning Softwares (big box)


Atari Light Pen (first version 400/800, with box) http://www.rhod.fr/seek/cx70.JPG


APX titles


Atari Service Contract


Heathcliff / datasoft with box


1984 OLYMPIC RETAILER CATALOG http://www.rhod.fr/seek/198401.jpg


ATARI 822 THERMAL PRINTER PAPER in box http://www.rhod.fr/seek/822.jpg

PILOT "EDUCATOR's PACKAGE" http://www.rhod.fr/seek/pilotedu.jpg


ATARI SERVICE BAG + MUG http://www.rhod.fr/seek/as2.JPG


ATARI 1020 COLOR PRINTER BX4204 http://www.rhod.fr/seek/bx4202.JPG


ATARI 1027 INK - BX 4212 http://www.rhod.fr/seek/ink.jpg

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