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Coming Soon! Drop in tactile switch controller boards

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I just ordered a few sets

I'm already using them, they work great

Imagine how many joysticks are really being used broken...🧐


Thanks !!

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With all the carzyness I missed that these were in stock .... just ordered a pair thanks \o/





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I had missed that your were selling these, but I guess I picked the right time to check out the forum.  I ordered up some, and I'll see if I can fix a couple of my older Atari Joysticks.   I usually use the XJ500, but sometimes I want to rest the joystick on a flat surface and you can really do that with XJ500.

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WOW what a great upgrade for the good-ole' cx-40


I knew I had at least a couple less than 100% reliable sticks around and wanted to give these a try.


First I grabbed a stick I had been moving around in a box that I have no idea where I got it (or why) plugged in Missile Command and the stick mostly worked as it was but was a bit sluggish so I knew I had a good candidate. first almost lost the spring for the button (forgot there was one there) inspected the nubs on the button and the handle (original "un-reinforced") along with the pivot pin on the bottom base of the controller and all was intact


The imprinted color code was very helpful and fortunately the crimped connectors were still in good shape. fitted it all togeather & saw the wires were directly across one of the screw holes ( I have learned to look for such a thing ) opened it up and the button & spring hit the floor  but was an easy retrieval.


Finally all fitted together. Usually I give 'em a quick test. With Missile Command still in, great for testing joysticks I started to play and after a couple waves I DIDN"T WANT TO PUT IT DOWN to move on to another thing until the game was done. Eventually I had another board to install but which controller ? ( I had 3 others readily available )


2 worked pretty ok & the 3'rd worked but it was a real effort to get the reticle on the screen to move and one hand working against the other I could feel the carpel tunnel want to set-in. so that was my 2'nd candidate.


After reassembly giving it a test I realized there was really almost no pressure needed of one hand working against the other to move or fire.


When I first opened the package I pressed one of the switches with my fingers & didn't seem "clicky" but when installed inside the controller it was quite "clicky"


I had some clear footies I installed afterwards so I could easily identify by sight what controller has these boards in.



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