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Get Papi ! A first Try with the Intellivision ! :)

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Yup! That's why I am here trying to help them by spreading awareness putting 'asm org' in their project, maybe we should have 'asm org' awareness month. Great, I'm sounding like a hippie now. :) I don't want people to give up and trash their project and spank their Intellivision due to their game crashing all the time. It's also in the manual too. I think there should be added warning or error message to as1600 assembler if data are writing to address that they're not suppose to.


Or ... you could really help people by creating macros or patches to the IntyBASIC epilogue that provide useful information. ;) That's the sort of thing we tried to do with the SDK, but there doesn't seem to be much interest now in continuing that community effort. Even the "Constants.bas" file are not being mentioned by people anymore, instead everybody seems comfortable throwing "magic numbers" around to newbies.


I think good abstractions and intuitive interfaces go a lot farther in helping users than just forcing them to learn the guts of the system.


However, like I said before, in the absence of anything, even just a macro for "ROMSEG" that encapsulates "ASM ORG" statement and uses a default memory map (like the one in Cart.mac) would still be better than nothing, no? Most users wouldn't really care, and if they are interested in the details, the docs provide plenty of technical gore.



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That's amazing what a console like the #Intellivision make ... I've just done my collision engine and priority Engine between Sprite/Tile Background. #Mattel Rocks !!


Looks good. I did notice a few glitches in the sprite priority function. For example, at around 0:14 in the video, you can see Papi momentarily go on top of the tree canopy for a few frames, before switching its background priority on.





This happens in a few places only.


By the way, for the benefit of other new programmers, would you mind posting some technical information on the Programming Forum about how you built your collision and priority engine? I am sure that many here can learn from your experience. :)



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Hey !


Today, I improve my main Tileset.




The classical "Commando" Bridge is here ! So need it ! ;)

I also redefine the water Card, more fine now.


And I forget, retrieve me in Twitter : @CommandoPapi or #PapiCommando ... ;)




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