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Odyssey 2: Black picture (but has audio)

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I just acquired my first Odyssey 2 console this weekend while at the Retro Game Con in Syracuse. Unfortunately, my adventures with KC Munchkin are on hold while I figure out a video issue.


When turned on the picture is black with or without a cartridge in it. I can hear the audio from the game when I press a number key so I know code is being executed and that the CPU is probably fine.


I've reset both CPU and AV chips in their sockets a few times. I also re-flowed the socket pins. I also added a composite amp to remove the RF modulator from equation. I get audio through it but the video is still black through composite. The TV does see a composite video signal.


Next I want to re-flow some more pins, check some continuity, signals (AV and Color chips), and maybe replace the electrolytic caps (the seem ok though).


Before I do that I wanted to tap the knowledge base here. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I should go about debugging/fixing this? I do have an oscilloscope available.


Composite amp schematics:



Odyssey 2 schematics I'm using:



I found this thread, but it was a dead-end:


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