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PoKey Electronica Club style music wanted

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Does anyone know of a good source for high quality Electronica Club style music in Atari PoKey format? All I can find (on YT) are just music from games and demos. I'm looking for some long playing stuff. Good Dance / Trance (or whatever they call it now) music.


BTW, this was asked of me by a pretty female, so it's rather important to me. :)


Emkay, this is your opportunity to shine.


[High quality] SID emulation stuff is just fine. Whatever sounds good (especially to her) will make me happy. I want to introduce her to the pleasure of Atari (instead of the ugly commie)...


Thanks in advance.


If we can compile enough of this in one place, it may be possible to start a club and create a following, but we will need a very large playlist.


Just an idea... Form one PoKey fan to another.


Imagine a worldwide PoKey dance club franchise. :)


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Some of my favourite tunes:


"Zizibum" by Łukasz Sychowicz (X-Ray) - same guy that did the Yoomp! theme:


"Windy Mind" by Bartek (Bewu) Wąsiel & Łukasz (X-Ray) Sychowicz:


Not long playing I know thats what you requested....

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club/dance/trance/electronica..... just gotta move to it, throbbing beats to get that motion going.

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