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Serial Port Woes

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Hello everybody I'm Dr Nick.. welll not quite.


I have been having serial port grief with a GS. I've been trying to hitch it to a Orange Pi as a combo AppleTalk file server, and TCP router. This should all work nicely with marinetti and GS/OS. I haven't been able to establish reliable communications out of the GS.


At the present it has the SSC from CloneE in it, which after a little faffing about, reset some switches sw1-7 to on sw2-6 on 7 off. That has the SSC where I need it to be. 9600 n81 communication working just as I expect. Now when I go to the GS serial port, I have send but no receive. This smacks of handshaking to me, but without any switches to flip on the GS, control panel doesn't seem to make any difference. I can't find a solution to this.


A :?

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