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If your like me... had your lifetime share of rock-n-roll...
Classical music has to much annoying stereo separation...
Not feeling it with the JAZZ thing...
Than... you probably just can't get enough CS1 SOUND...
Since most DATA TAPES only play for a few minutes at most
(due to the max. 16K buffer limit)
Getting long play versions has only been possible using a .wav editor, audio sequencer or by tediously splicing tapes together. :)


At long last, there is a convenient alternative!!!

Now I release my latest VDP scrambling solution... CS1-O-Matic

This will not only scramble VDP memory but will also record an endless
CS1 data SAVE.

Two versions are ready...

V.1  Prompts visible(at first)
V.2  More psychedelic(constant data)

 "Just set it and forget it"




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The above should be used with EA  or MINI MEMORY  LOAD and RUN...PROGRAM NAME: RUN


The above is FOR ENTERTAINMENT VALUE ONLY and serves as no proven utility.


HOME AUTOMATION unlimited... assumes no responsibility for damages from listening to long...

with the volume turned up to high!

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I was playing some music on my way home from the Faire and the speakers started spitting out modem connection tones followed by about two minutes of a data stream. My son wanted to know what that was. . .then I remembered that the CD I had ripped it from was mixed media, and that the data was actually a usable input stream. I'll have to pull it out sometime and check to see what the program was.

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