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PARSEC Supergun

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I've been working on a new project the last 4 months. I built a new design Supergun PCB that's designed to connect to most TVs with the fewest additional components, while still offering high quality RGB video for various monitors and video converters.


I decided to call it the PARSEC because why not.


The PARSEC v1.0 has the following features:


JAMMA, JAMMA + compatible

24 pin ATX power input connector (also works with 20 pin ATX)

Pushbutton on/off switch

(optional) onboard -5v regulator provides up to 1.5A

Power on/off switch for -5v regulator

LEDs indicating presence of +5v, -5v, +12v, and standby power

Built-in NTSC video converter

Genesis 2 A/V connector for RGB video

Composite video and s-video jacks

Audio output to 1/8" stereo line out jack or Genesis 2 A/V connector

stereo / mono switch

Audio attenuation circuit with isolation transformers

Neo Geo controller ports for players 1 and 2 with standard supergun pinout

Credit, test, and service buttons

Kick harness connector

Buttons 4 and 5 on JAMMA connector can be disabled with DIP switches

Basic button remapping option using jumpers: "select" on Neo Geo controller connects to button 5 or can insert coin


I'm definitely making 10 of these. It is possible I may make more based on feedback. I might also make various HATs for additional RGB connectors such as a VGA style or 8p mini DIN.


Pricing will be $120 + shipping for the basic version and $135 to add the onboard -5v regulator.


Send me a PM if you would like one. Thanks!




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Added extra pictures and the controller port / kick harness wiring I used.


Looking like I will have these built and tested around December.






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I no longer have any PARSEC v1.0 boards left so I did a redesign, the new v1.1 board.

The v1.1 PARSEC Supergun has the following Improvements over the v1.0 PCB:

  • Thicker 1.5 oz copper layer
  • Wider +5v traces can handle loads up to 15A
  • 3 unused component footprints removed
  • controller ports now even with board edge
  • removed unsightly jumper wire to JAMMA connector (necessary on v1.0 because I forgot to connect video ground pin 14)
  • test and service button locations swapped
  • some improvements to component placement and footprint design
  • connection points on PCB for A/V modification possibilities (such as adding RGB adjustment pots)
  • it's purple now

The v1.1 circuit is the same as v1.0 so no changes there.

The HAT board I'm making will work on both versions of the PARSEC.

It will take me a while to assemble small quantities of v1.1 PARSEC systems and additional HAT boards.
I'll need to order parts and set aside quite a bit of time, so this will be a while.


I'm also working on a component video hat I will have available soon.


I am waiting for some parts to arrive to complete the first batch of Parsec Superguns. Several parts were back ordered so my assembly process was delayed a couple weeks.

I'm considering offering the Parsec in kit form, but I'm not sure the best way to do this.

I suppose I could make up a preorder list. I have 30 bare Parsec v1.1 PCBs on hand, which I will assemble in batches of 10.
I could offer the Parsec about $10 cheaper without the ebay or tindie fees.
No deposit required, just send me a PM and I will let you know what number you are.

I'm thinking February 17 I will have the first Parsec v1.1 Superguns assembled, tested, and available. While all I need to do is finish the assembly of the through hole components, it's still very time consuming (especially the JAMMA connector.)




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