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N64 game factory sealed question *pics added*

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Just picked up a Zelda ocarina of Time gold and it came sealed. There is no seam vertical seam but i found some on eBay without so I have no idea if it's legit.it looks real but I don't want to rip anyone off thinking its sealed.

What are other things to look for to tell if it is legit ?

Any help appreciated. 


I will be posting this for sale in the next day or so. just hoping to find out more info on it


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Looks legit. Is the shrink wrap slightly stretchy? Are the seams very fine? If so, I think you'd have the real deal.


thats what confused me, it looks legit, feels legit but also its been a really really long time since ive had a factory sealed n64 game. 


thanks for taking the time

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The seams look right enough, don't see any under the wrap wear either on the tabs, corners, or flap bend sides either.


The only thing I can't see, can you find a row of tiny vent holes spaced out in a line across it somewhere?  Those things had vent holes to deal with the air as they were squeezed tight and sealed up at the factory and it's a dead give away of fraud pretty much lacking that.

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