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Handling both NTSC/PAL on modern displays?

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I'm still gathering all the bits to get classic gaming systems up in working order, and decided I'll probably go for an OSSC or Retrotink2 on my HDTV as opposed to using the Trinitron in my basement.


I recall reading that HDMI 1080P sets can handle 50hz inputs - is this true? What would be the logistics of getting both NTSC and PAL games working?


I'm really only interested in PAL for a handful of Mega Drive games that originated as Amiga ports (Chaos Engine, etc.)

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European TV support up to 1080p in 50Htz indeed. 50HTZ support in the US might be a hit-and-miss because American importers seems to disable that compatibility for "reasons".

There is no clear answer for you aside from "try and test your set".

You do'nt have to worry about color since PAL and NTSC are analog color standard which have no reason to exist in HDMI land.

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