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Monkey King (2600)

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Monkey King is an endless runner with a strategic twist. Made for one or two players, played with the joystick controllers. It's been featured on the ZeroPage Home-brew channel a few times and I now consider it 99% done. Any feedback or thoughts welcome!


Play online: http://javatari.org/?ROM=http://pietrow.net/atari/MonkeyKing.bin



You are a monkey prince, one of two children of the Monkey King. Your father is old and wants to retire, but not before a suitable successor is chosen for the throne. The king, like his father before him, obtained the crown by participating in an ancient monkey ritual, the climbing one of the two sacred trees. No-one knows how tall these identical trees are and if there is a top at all, but the top of the tree is not the goal. The goal is getting higher than your competitor.

During the ritual two royal candidates run up one of the trees while avoiding its many branches, running faster and faster until one of the two bumps their head once too many. On the tree the monkeys can find magical stones that can be used in their advantage, or their competitors disadvantage.

Only one monkey can be the Monkey King, will it be you?





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