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FS: Atari 8-Bit Carts & Floppies

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Who needs some 8-bit classics? All tested and working; cart-only unless otherwise noted. PM for pics and prices. Thanks!




Ace of Aces XE w/manual SOLD

Airball XE SOLD

Archon XE SOLD

Barnyard Blaster XE SOLD

Bug Hunt XE SOLD

Choplifter XE

Donkey Kong XE

Flight Simulator II XE

Into the Eagles Nest XE

Karateka XE w/box

Midnight Magic XE SOLD

Necromancer XE SOLD


Thunderfox XE


Asteroids SOLD

BC's Quest for Tires SOLD

Centipede silver label

Defender CIB silver label (Atari Corp.)

Dig Dug SOLD

Final Legacy XE-style cart SOLD

Football XE-style cart SOLD

Joust XE-style cart SOLD

Jungle Hunt XE-style cart w/manual SOLD

Miner 2049er w/manual SOLD

Moon Patrol CIB

Moon Patrol silver label (Atari Corp.) SOLD

Pole Position XE-style cart w/manual SOLD

Robotron silver label (Atari Corp.) SOLD


Space Invaders SOLD

Star Raiders


Battlezone XE w/manual SOLD

Midnight Magic XE w/manual SOLD

Dark Chambers XE w/manual SOLD

Thunderfox XE w/manual SOLD

Lode Runner cart + box SOLD

Mario Bros cart + box SOLD

Into the Eagles Nest box SOLD

Food Fight cart + manual SOLD

Star Raiders II cart + manual SOLD

Barnyard Blaster SOLD

Blue Max SOLD

Choplifter SOLD

Crime Buster SOLD

Crystal Castles SOLD

Mario Bros SOLD

Star Raiders II SOLD

Atlantis SOLD

Donkey Kong Junior (XE-style cart) cart + manual SOLD

Millipede (XE-style cart) cart + manual SOLD

Jumpman Junior cart + box + manual card SOLD

Star Wars The Arcade Game CIB SOLD

Star Wars Return of the Jedi cart + manual SOLD

Star Wars Return of the Jedi CIB SOLD




Jim Slide (Homebrew) floppy + manual + poster SOLD

Mission Shark XE/XL UNTESTED b/c I sold my 1050 before acquiring

Pooyan SOLD

Rescue on Fractalus (also works with Commodore 64) SOLD

Spy vs. Spy floppy + case (also works with Commodore 64) SOLD

Summer Games CIB UNTESTED b/c I sold my 1050 before acquiring SOLD

Conan floppy + case UNTESTED b/c I sold my 1050 before acquiring SOLD

Realm of Impossibility floppy + case SOLD




Caverns of Khafka cassette tape + box UNTESTED but I received it brand new - only opened it because I needed the manual for my collection


Manual only:


Crystal Castles XE SOLD

Missile Command XE

Ace of Aces XE + box

Battle Chess

Dig Dug SOLD

Donkey Kong XE SOLD

F-15 Strike Eagle


Joust SOLD

Necromancer (disk-based) SOLD

The Pharaoh's Curse

Rescue on Fractalus! XE SOLD


Submarine Commander SOLD


Thunderfox XE + box SOLD


Let me know if you have any q's!

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Are you doing any trading right now or just selling?

Mainly just selling but shoot me a PM with something you had in mind and we'll see what we can work out. Thanks for your interest.

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