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who from here can help forking webmsx to emulate colecovision instead?

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hi everyone! (first of all, sorry if this thread looks offtopic - it’s not directly related with ColecoVision development, but it is about Colecovision and development related to Colecovision)


since some time ago, i got amazed on lots of features from WebMSX emulator (from Paulo Peccin, the same author from Javatari)


besides it’s surprisingly good performance, i got amazed with its quite neat feature of opening rom files host on other webservers (as from Javatari, from example, we can open Atari2600 rom files host here in the atariage server, and the emulator is host on javatari server, and having everything written in the browser’s url field, nothing else needed )


so, since msx1 and colecovision has so much in common, i guess wouldn’t be that hard to help Peccin forking WebMSX to a similarly amazing html5+js based ColecoVision emulator?


are here html5+js skilled people that could help us there? would be really really amazing!!!! in advance, thanks a lot!

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