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Atari ST parts in Europe, (quick before we leave!)

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Hi Everybody,


Can anyone recommend any places in Europe where I might be able to find an Atari PSU for the very first STs, ie the 260 & 520s with no built in floppy, & external PSU required?


I know where to get one in the US but the import tax and postage is a killer for a heavy power brick :-).

So, I know a few places in Europe, but they don't have what I need....

I'm in Merry Olde England and I'd like to get one before we leave the European Union/World Market crashes etc, etc..


If you're reading this, YOU ARE ATARI! (not infogrames...)



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The Amiga 500/600/1200 PSU outputs the same voltages as the 520ST requires: +5V, +12V and -12V. Cut off the cable and solder on the 7-pin female DIN required by the ST.


Alternatively you can use a Mean Well RT50B which outputs the same voltages. Find a suitable project case and assemble your own.

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Thanks for everyone's replies, I knew I could count on this community!

I don't post much but I read a lot and have gained so much from here.


Thanks again, those new tech cool (temperature) PSUs from Centuriontech.eu look like just the thing. ( Atari and Amiga ones too....) and they look like they have lots of good stuff / good ideas like 3D printing hard to find bits etc.


Any of my fellow Eurotrash should check out their website! I'd better get an order in before the value of the pound tanks thru the floor! (I'm sure that's coming....)

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