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Win 5 Shrinkwrapped Games by Just Guessing the Answer

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I have 5 shrinkwrapped games just sitting here doing nothing, soooo... I thought I would put together this game to get them to someone who may or may not need them. The titles of the 5 games will be my choice but they are all mint condition, not squished or ripped but almost perfect.


The rules are . . . there are no rules, just make a guess and whomever guesses the correct answer first wins.


I bought my 1st Intellivision in about April or May 1980, I had been married about 6 years by then. My wife never had my passion for Intellivision. After about a year I did talk her into trying it out. After reading the games and back panels there was only one game she would even consider trying and after she tried it it was still the only game she would play, she never even tried another game. She pretty much considered the whole video game industry a waste of time. Anyway enough of the backstory.


So, guess what is the only game she tried and played.


It's not easy coming up with clues.




It has simple controls.

It's not hard to learn.

To quote a phrase from the "Incredible's", "Be Specific Bob" You must say the complete name of the game.

It's not an Easter Egg nor hidden game.


I may add more clues if I can think of any but it's hard to think of them without a dead giveaway.


I'm not sure if this should be a Question and Answer game. Let's see how it goes as is first.


So I can't cheat I have sent the name of the game to intvsteve. Well maybe I could cheat with a small bribe.


If I have to change stuff a bit please forgive me.


Good luck to all.




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