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Apple //e Modem Solution

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After unwittingly purchasing a dead Apple Personal Modem for my //e, I began to wonder if going the wifimodem Route is better?


Anyone know the best solution for my BBS urges?


I wouldn’t mind purchasing a working personal modem if anyone has extras.



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I haven't seen a dial-up BBS in years, although oddly enough I came across a dial-up ISP not to long ago. The WifiModem works well. IT has some foibles but for the most part does exactly what it says. It can't for example drop carrier like a real modem can, so you need to log off from the service gracefully or cycle power to the wifimodem to break the telnet connections. But thats fairly minor. You mileage will vary if you want to download as well. The only thing I can get to reliably work is x-modem. Something about punting it across a TCP stream seems to stop Z-modem.


There's a few to choose from once you get going though...


tlp.zapto.org:23 (shameless plug) The Lower Planes

cqbbs.ddns.net Captain's Quarters

a80s.ddns,net:6502 A80s BBS



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