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Telco DSSD

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On 12/21/2019 at 4:55 PM, Tursi said:



In Classic99, this hangs on a green screen. The debugger shows it's waiting for the UART to respond. So if you get the same thing on hardware, your CF device might have the PC UART on it, which post-dates Telco by several decades. ;)


This is a extremely important point!  I don't think anyone has created or modified a terminal program to use the "deprecated" PC UART version of the nanopeb.   Fortunately, most of the nano devices seem to be those with the 9902 but it is good to check!  


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On 12/21/2019 at 9:51 AM, Ksarul said:

Actually, the differences between Terminal Emulator I and II was the addition of speech capability, which was also interfaced as a BASIC extension. The rest was pretty much the same in both cartridges.

Not quite all. TE I allowed a whopping 600 baud as well as using 8 bits or 7 bits.

Select Option 2 at the Main Menu to TE I, press enter at the TE title screen to get to the option menu.


Both TE-I and TE-II do allow setting parity to Even, Odd or None. When you get to a choice in either TE version press the number of your choice, then Enter to move to the next item. I.E., press "3" for None. Multiple choice. For the Logon file, entering a space over the L, leaving " OGON" skips creating that and exits to the term window.


Not that you'd get much use of these in emulation, but perhaps on the real iron. If you care to source a Terminal Emulator I cart, that is!


TE I from the manual PHM3017. I've never seen a .bin of it to try in emulation.


TE II screen shot. After spacing over the "L", the cursor is obscuring the "O" of "OGON"

Press Enter to accept that last option and it jumps to the Term window. Presumably ready to roll.


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Thanks, grabbed it! Thought I might have it in my old carts. No, but I have three TE-II carts. :roll: I even have the old phone-cradle modem and a phone old enough to fit the cups.



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