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My First *Finished* Atari Homebrew : Pabling's Glitch Adventure

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So, after being dead from the forums for quite some time(and not using Visual BB for awhile either). I finally decided to pick up the program again and actually finish a game(I've made a few, but haven't finished them due to their complex nature and lack of knowledge for bb). I call it, Pabling's Glitch Adventure. Pretty basic of a game, and it's purposely glitchy. The goal of the game is to survive as long as you can. The score is like a health bar, and you have to align this monster guy(I call him lava dude, because I suck at names) and he raises your score. You use the fire button to move him, he also occasionally likes teleport around the screen. Very simple, but hey, I finished it! I'm still debating on if I should release the binary publicly though. I do have gameplay to show what the game is like.


Also, I ordered a custom cartridge of the game on the shop here on 12/2/2018, I'll share video when it gets here(or on christmas). Here is the front label for the physical copy(the only one ever, probably), along with a gameplay video.






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