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Serial communication, terminal program in GFA Basic

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Does anyone have some code for a terminal program in GFA-Basic?

I want to use all serial ports of a TT to communicate with solar inverters.

For this, I do have the protocol for the inverters. But no clue as to how to use the serial ports.




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Hi there,


The only source I could find after looking around is this: https://github.com/ggnkua/Atari_ST_Sources/blob/master/C/Rodney%20Volz/mercsrc/release.src/src/uucico_1.lst(and https://github.com/ggnkua/Atari_ST_Sources/blob/master/C/Rodney%20Volz/mercsrc/release.src/src/uucico_2.lst for the original).


From a quick look they seem to open the ST's serial port and do some stuff with it, so you might be able to get some hints. As for the TT serial ports, I guess you should read the Atari Compendium. I'm pretty sure all ports should be documented there.



Best of luck with your project, it sounds fun!

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