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Is there any program to allow remote access to Basic and DOS?

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I wrote a simple BBS in Basic back in the day (written for an 850 interface module and Hayes Smartmodem). When a modem is connected, the BBS interfaces with the remote user using the R: device, and when a user logs on locally, it uses the E: device. Does anyone know if there is a utility that can be loaded into memory that can piggyback R: onto E: (or somehow merge the two) so that if I break into Basic or go to DOS, the operating system will use R: instead of (or in addition to) E:? If there is such a thing, I would love to be able to log into my BBS remotely, press a menu command that breaks me into Basic or DOS so I can remotely control my computer (like a gotomypc for the Atari), and then resume .

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There's various methods and what you do can depend on the environment. With Basic you can fairly easily redirect I/O in the background, e.g. open a file then have Basic accept it's input from that IOCB rather than #0.


In your case you could just close IOCB #0 then reopen it from the file you want the input processed from.

Though that has potential for problems as E: also accepts output and the Dos or Basic processor would expect that to work. From memory if Basic gets an error outputting to E: it will just close then reopen it.


You might also want a different command file depending on environment, e.g. one for Basic and one if only Dos is present.


Another method might be to create a HATABS entry that points to a custom table entry, so e.g. E: reads from one handler but writes to it's own.

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You can already get to the dos shell, as for basic, you would only have to patch (looks like someone already answered this).

The ability to use a serial port to SIO and then use the remote s-100/cpm machine to type on the Atari has been a part of the critical connection software since the 800 days.

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