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Happy Birthday Intellivision

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I don't know how to link to other threads, I clicked on the little thing in the upper right corner but that is the extent of it.


Anyway I copied this from his thead.


Intellivision is 39 today, humblejack is 65 today, one holds it's age very well, the other not so well.







The Intellivision was born on December 3rd, 1979.

Before we get into more holiday madness, let's look forward to playing a favorite title or 2 before we go to bed tonight.

If you have a Twitter account, tweet this! Spread the love! :)

Thanks folks!

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Already played my hours worth, well 2 hours really. Space Armada, loved it.

Happy birthday Humblejack and a big happy birthday to Intellivision :)



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Happy Birthday to you and your Intellivision!!! And to everyone's Intellivision as well!!! :)

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