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PC/GEOS Source Code & Apps now on Git!

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The entirety of the PC/GEOS operating system, it’s SDK and apparently, ALL of it’s software, have been posted up on Git for community availability and further development !

It appears to be at least PC/GEOS 2.0 and possibly newer. Many files are dated 1991 and many have additional revision dates of “97/04/04 NewDeal” which is at least version 2.5 I believe.

Most of the code is written in C and an updated (??) Watcom C compiler is also available from the author on his Git.

It was common to write GEOS software with “ObjectASM” in x86 assembly. Their object technology was a key advantage they had over other OSes at the time.

You can find the Git repo here:


Here is the Wikipedia page:


…and here is a link to a PDF of the “PC/GEOS System Software Overview”.

This document gives an overview of the system architecture and other details for developers.

It is specific to ver. 1.0 of PC/GEOS.



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