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1. Something is damaged for sure, beside CF card . Adapters are passive, but there are some components like voltage regulators on some - you can set 3.3 V power for card, for instance.

May be that IDE port of Falcon is damaged, but that error causes not booting it only when adapters is attached - well this latest was not thought 100% through, but hey, it's middle of night :)


2. Joska: "but maybe the master/slave jumper on the adapter fools TOS into thinking that there's a device present." - so says someone without clue about how IDE works. And I'm who designed IDE adapter for Atari ST - back in 1992, so excuse me, but I know how it works.

No, that jumper can not fool TOS that device is present. On the top of stupidity, then it would be problem in all cases when adapter is attached without card,

Then he shows how he smart is - explaining about format, mentioning ICD Tools - do they have IDE driver at all ? Forgetting that people using term 'format' for actual partitioning/initialization of partition often. Not only people, but 'great' Microsoft too.

"Also, not all drivers works with CF-cards." - actually driver does not 'care' is it CF card or classic hard disk, or IDE-SD adapter. The reason why some CF cards are problematic on Falcon (and other machines) is of HW nature. http://atari.8bitchip.info/astideTP.html

Btw. that's page from where exxos took my diagram without crediting it.


The correct answer to question "Also, what could be the correct sequence for successfully formatting a CF card from the atari?"

Just follow instructions of SW for 'formatting' - what may be called of course partitioning SW too.

But as thread starter did not mention what SW package using, may be that he just got prepartitioned CF card - well some sell them so, using illegally commercial SW .

Yes, I'm who spent lot of time about IDE adapters, writing SW for them, so forgive me for writing here about, and trying to explain things. As it was with Simbo, some just think that know it better, even if newer worked on developing such HW, SW (Simbo claimed among all his stupidities that Satandisk handles FAT16 filesystem internally :-) ) .

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Well, there is now Ektus's post, who gave explanation - not theoretical - 'huh, I'm moderator here, I know everything' kind, but from experience.

Yes, if some shortage happens between IDE lines then connecting just adapter may cause dead Falcon (or other micro) - like some data line can go on constant 0 V level. I'm so smarter after some coffee :)

Now some will come here again with WTF I wanted with this new ... I wanted that people learn something - about possible serious problems if being not enough careful, and in all this is perfect explanation why I was banned at AF - just because they don't like that someone knows it better - stays for EmuTOS team, for Joska ... Common benefit should be main interest, not ego, vanity .

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