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French Colecovision video quality

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I'm thinking on upgrading my Colecovision video quality to the RGB standard. I already own Colecovision modded for Composite, but comparing it to my recently RGB modded Atari 2600 and NES, and it doesn't look that good anymore. So my possible options are:

* buying not modded NTSC Colecovision and modding it using boards designed by Citrus3000psi and sold by Mobiusstriptech (I currently own PAL Colecovision and quite few games, but as far as I know they should be working also on the NTSC console version without any problems; there was a PAL version of this mod board designed but it seems nobody ever assembled and tested it) - but the shipping cost for sending the console from US to Europe would be a killer,

* using F18A board - the old version is not manufactured anymore and the new version is not ready yet due to some HDMI related legal stuff, plus I'm not sure will it work with PAL console so if the board will be ever released there goes the shipping cost for the new NTSC console again,

* buying premodded console from 0711Spiele - I've asked them and it's a PAL console using similar (but not the same - according to them it's their own solution) method as Citrus3000psi board, yet the price (470 Euro = 540 USD) is just ridiculous, plus I was trying to get them to answer simple question: is this solution compatible with Framemeister and/or OSSC (I've got both)? - and they said "since those are illegal..." (yes that's the exact word used by them) "...devices they did not test their solution for working with those",

* buying French version of Colecovision and not modding it at all - and here's finally the real question: what is the video quality of those units? Is it real RGB such as in French Master System 2 consoles or is it a weird solution like in French NES where the Composite video is converted back to RGB and quality is even worse this way?

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