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My gotek mod

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Its winter time so time to spend more time on my retrocomputers.

Recently I ordered a oled screen for my gotek. And it arrived yesterday. So with a hot cup of coffee its time to build it into the drive.

I first flashed the gotek with Kierf flashfloppy bios.

After that I attached the screen and tested the device.

Satisfied with the result I started modding the case. Cut out the screen bezel to fit the larger screen. Should have measured twice, cut once , since it is a bit to wide. Had to remove to studs on the inside of the gotek case to get the screen flush to the front, and then used hot glue to secure the screen.

I had a old HP thin client where I took out the speaker and hot glued it to the gotek case.

Then I used a jumper wire to test the eject button function, since I wasnt sure if I needed it.

The outcome was I need it. So I took a old dvd drive I had and took the eject button and the micro switch out of it. The micro switch was attached to a pcb. I just cut the pcb to a smaller size, measured the pins and soldered two wire to it. Used the old bezel as a template for the gotek drive. Drilled and filed the hole so the front button of the dvd drive fitted inside and had a little clearance to move without sticking.

Used a small piece of plastic from the old bezel to get the button to the correct highed and hot glued it in place.

Next mod, place the gotek into a external case and add a switched to the amiga so I can set the external drive as df0.




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I finally got my Goteks modded, super easy.


On A500 I run the wires through the case, on STe I run the cables on the outside, I did not want to drill the holes.







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