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FS: NES, SNES loose cartridges; Dreamcast games (Updated 1/4/19)

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Bunch of loose carts for sale. Shipping will usually be between 3 and 7 dollars depending on the size of your purchase and the size of box I need to pack it in / weight. Located in Pekin, IL. Shipping in the continental US only. References in signature.


Buy the whole lot for $100 plus actual shipping (which should not exceed $8 I figure).


NES - $35 for all remaining
Super Mario 3 - $12
Super Mario 2 - $8

Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt - $3
Dr. Mario - $6
TMNT Arcade - $10
Blades of Steel - $3
Bases Loaded - $3
Double Dribble - $3


SNES official carts - $35 for all
Super Mario All Stars - $8
Killer Instinct - $8
Star Fox - $8
Super Mario World - $8
F-Zero - $8


SNES Reproduction carts - know what this means before you buy. $20 for both, or $12 each.
Final Fantasy III (fresh save battery)
Secret of Mana (fresh save battery)


Dreamcast games - ALL games are in very good condition and work great on my Dreamcast. - $35 for all

Soul Calibur (disc only, generic case) - $10

Crazy Taxi (disc only, generic case) - $8

Dead or Alive 2 (disc and back cover in jewel case, missing manual) - $8

Virtua Tennis (complete) - $3

NFL 2k1 (complete) - $3

Chu Chu Rocket (complete) - $8




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