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Hatari IDE emulation still not flawless

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Talking about v. 2.1 for Windows . Yes, I know Windows is crap, all we should use Linux, Mint or whatever on our crap multi core and multi GHz PCs . But somehow people just do not listen to creators of properly written Hatari and EmuTOS. "Properly" here means writing it according to available DOCs for TOS, Atari ST(E) HW and related. In only "proper" language: C .

Why I write this now ? It just appeared that one of my game hard disk adaptations works not under Hatari 2.1 Windows v. , from hard disk image with AHDI IDE autoboot driver. Same image written to CF card works well on real Falcon - pardon, same game adaptation works well. Other version of adaptation of same game, what using RAMdisk works in Hatari - but it does not using IDE disk access during gameplay. So, I can say with confidence: IDE emulation in latest Hatari still has problems.

2 things are possible: 1: we can talk about it like normal people, and resolve the problem.

2: Hatari team may react on this as used in past: saying how my adaptation is crap, that used hard disk driver is crap (sorry, it's Atari's AHDI driver) .

It's on you how this will continue, end. Marry Xmas :)

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