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80 columns with XB

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On Dec 20 Beery posted this question on the RXB thread:
Does RXB support any V9938 capabilities such as Text2 mode for 80 columns, or any of the graphics modes?  I did not see it in the 2015 docs.  Would this be supported in the 2019 version?
If not, is there any other XB version with Text 2 mode and AMS capability?
Just trying to see what I can do with the 99/5C with the AMS and 9938 potential.
I don't know if this is useful to you, but there is a package called T80XB that allows programming with the 80 column text mode using XB. Depending on how you want to allocate memory in SAMS, it may be possible to use some of low memory, maybe from >3000 to >3FFF. It is also possible to use low memory from >24F4 to >3FFF if you embed T80XB with the Extended BASIC program as described in the manual. More information can be found in the TI-99/4A Computers section (not development) in the thread 80 columns with F18A and Extended BASIC.

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