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Action! Include and Error 8...

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after many, many years I'm coming back to Action! and I ran into a problem...

I have two ACT files :
first one is called "MAIN.ACT" and the second one: "DATA.ACT"

The "DATA.ACT" contains only one small array, nothing more.

I'm trying to include this small "DATA.ACT" into the MAIN.ACT.


File DATA.ACT looks as follows:

BYTE ARRAY MAP=[  55 55 56 57 58 59 58 57 56 55 56 56 57 55 ]

and the MAIN.ACT:



 ZERO(DL,959)  ;Clear the screen
 MOVEBLOCK(DL,MAP,13)   ;put the data to the screen

The code is of course a bit reduced here, but it's enough to describe where the problem is...

My problem:
I'm getting an Error 8 in line:
pointing at "MAP" as "variable not declared"

If I put the array "MAP" directly into the "MAIN.ACT" everything works ok, but I want to have it outside in an external ACT file.

How can I include an external array without getting an Error 8 ?




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It's an interesting bug. I don't get an error 8, but MAP does not get initialized properly, just has whatever the underlying ram contained. I don't see any obvious error in the include code in the cartridge. At first I thought it had to do with H: but that's not it.


Still looking into it.

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Ok, I made a mistake. So there's no bug in INCLUDE. If I reproduce your segment above it works. Oddly though, map becomes a buffered array, rather than inline, not sure what that's about. Anyway, no error 8, so there must be something else going on in your code.


We'll need to see more.

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ok, problem solved!
it's was the data.act file.

I edited it and saved it meantime under Windows and forgot about it,
Action! apparently could read the file but just as a "plain text" (include itself worked, no warnings )
but the compiler didn't get it "as a code" and therefore was the "map" array still undeclared...

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