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3D Zero SNES Adapter Incompatibilities

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I found a decent item for cheap at around 2004, a 3D Zero SNES controller adapter. At first it worked, for both a control pad as well as a fight stick. Then later I bought Pataank, and the 3D Zero didn’t work. It didn’t work with neither the SNES Pad nor fight stick. But the Goldstar 3DO controller and Panasonic fight stick work fine.


Also I tested the daisy chaining abilities of the 3D Zero, it worked anywhere from Player 1/4 to Player 4/4. I know it can work with up to 8 people, but I don’t have 8 controllers.


First of all, any 3D Zero owners notice an incompatibility with Pataank, or is it just mine?


Second, can anyone name a 3DO game they have that doenst work with a 3D Zero?


Finally, how do other SNES->3DO adapters work with their 3DO games, i especially what to hear about incompatible ones with 3D Zero, like Pataank?

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I’d still like to know whether all copies of the 3D Zero are incompatible with Pataank, or just mine.


Also wondering if there are other 3DO games not compatible with the 3D Zero?


Also wondering if everyone else has a compatibility issue with something for the 3DO that is supposedly universal?

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